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The "Wanko Soba" only one restaurant left in Tokyo.

Go to the private car at Sibuya station.

About Wanko Wanko.
Wanko Soba (わんこそば) is a style of Japanese soba noodles originating from Iwate Prefecture in Japan, particularly Morioka and Hanamaki. It consists of a small serving of soba noodles in small bowls. In this soba experience, you quickly eat your soba noodles and get your bowl immediately refilled in repetition.
eating average was 80 Bowls


Private Transportation

About The Tour Guide

GR - Boarders

We are introducing the unique cuisine and shops of Japan.
This time, we introduce a Wanko Wanko!
Only one restaurant left in Tokyo.
Join Hungry!

Tour Details

Tour Itinerary

- Meet Shibuya Station South Exit.
- Please find the guide Rabbit flag.
- Go to the restaurant. (1 hour)Enjoy the drive!
- Experience Wangko soba.
- Return Sibuya Station(1 hour)
- End tour

Participation Requirement(s)

Ages 7 and upuntil 70 years of age

Meeting Place

Sibuya Station south exit
〒1500002 東京都渋谷区渋谷3-27-13
JR Yamanote Line

What Will Be Provided

- Wanko Soba
- One drink
- If you eat over 80 bowls We'll give you a souvenir.

Additional Information

- Guidance via real-time translators.
- Starting with 3 people, we get reservations.

Reservation Deadline

12 hours before tour start time

About This Tour