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加藤 恵美

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20%OFF★Make your own calligraphy T-shirt!!!

In the lesson, you will learn
about calligraphy and experience it,
as a part of Japanese traditional culture.

Calligraphy is form of Japanese traditional art that
expresses kanji and kana characters artistically.
Calligraphy practitioners focus their minds and
express their emotions through their brushstrokes.

You will begin by learning about the basic
knowledge of calligraphy, how to hold a brush,
the correct posture, explanation of the four tools
necessary for calligraphy, and an introduction
on the history of calligraphy.

After experiencing it, You can take home your own personal work of art that is printed on a T-shirt.
For example, your name (translated in Japanese),
a word, phrase, idiom and parts of a Song you want to write, etc.
Please think about what ward you want to write in Japanese before you take our lesson.
you can take home your own personal work of art(your name or a word that you want to write will be translated into japanese by our instructor)printed on a "unique calligraphy T-shirt"as a souvenir.

Please look at Kanji T-shirts our guests have made.

We will also serve Kaminari-okoshi,
a Japanese traditional sweets, and Japanese tea.

  • 2 H30 Min
  • 6Ps
  • English


Commemorative photo

加藤 恵美

Identity Verified

I was born and raised in Chiba prefecture (next to Tokyo).
When I was young, I received training my mother, who was a calligrapher, and I became familiar with calligraphy.
I majored calligraphy at the university.

After I graduated from college, I have been involved in various activities related to calligraphy, such as managing a calligraphy class myself, teaching while writing books about calligraphy, ink wash painting (a form of calligraphy) demonstration, and many others.

My life is dedicated to calligraphy.
I am thrilled to be able to disseminate calligraphy as a traditional Japanese culture to the world.

Director of Nihon Shoshouin
Participant of National Heisei Ink Wash Painting Association
Has been awarded many prizes in the Tokyo Calligraphy Contest

Tour Information

Tour Itinerary

-Meeting in Togenuki Jizo Calligraphy Class
-Brief self-introduction (5 minutes)
-Start the experience (90-120 minutes)

What Will Be Provided

Japanese Green Tea

About This Tour

Tour Details

What to Bring


Participation Requirement(s)

Ages 5 and upuntil 100 years of age

Additional Information


Meeting Place

〒1700002 東京都豊島区巣鴨4-28-4-204
It’s about 10 minuets walk from front exit of Sugamo station on JR Yamanote Line.

①When you go out front exit, cross the
crosswalk and then turn right.

②Go straight along side street.
Walk to the point where the sidewalk roof disappears. Then you can see entrance of “Sugamo jizo-dori shopping street.

③You will see the entrance of below photo on right side when go straight about 1 minute from post office.

④Go up the stairs and you can see our classroom at the end of the corridor.

Reservation Deadline

12 hours before tour start time