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井日根 オフレ

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Japanese Lesson

Feel free to ask me about anything you want when we meet up - even if it's about something which is not related to the program.
Therefore we will start with the language of how to introduce yourself and basic body language together with etiquette.
Then we will study how to shop with a focus on health safety. For example, how do you get medicine or supplies at a pharmacy? The basic shopping skills can be used in a variety of situations.
Then we will combine and review greeting language and shopping language and skills. You will be a pro to go shopping at Donkihotte or Izakaya hopping! Our two hours of study and practice will quickly pass.

I can speak Japanese, English, and Korean. While my English and Korean isn't the best, I hope to make up for it with my enthusiasm.

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井日根 オフレ

Identity Verified

Hi, my name is Ofure.I was born and raised in Japan but my parents are Nigerian. Currently I work as a pharmacist. I have always lived in Nagoya except for during my time as a university student in Kyushu.I think Nagoya is an amazing place and I am eager to show everyone its charms.
My interests include meeting people from different countries, engaging in language exchanges, and hunting for good izakayas (Japanese Bars which also serve food and snacks).

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We'll meet up at Sako station, after which I'll be giving you a Japanese lesson at my home which is a 5-minute walk away.

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Ages 25 and up

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This experience is best suited for people whose Japanese is beginner to intermediate level.

Meeting Place

セブンイレブン(7/11 convenience store)
〒4510052 愛知県名古屋市西区栄生2丁目5-9

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12 hours before tour start time