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Wanko Soba Challenge! The only wanko soba restaurant in Tokyo area.

Wanko Soba (わんこそば) is a style of Japanese soba noodles originating from Iwate Prefecture in Japan.
It consists of a small serving of soba noodles in small bowls.
When having wanko soba, you should quickly eat your soba noodles and get your bowl immediately refilled in repetition.
When the stomach is full, cover the bowl so that the staff will stop serving soba to you.
The average for men is 80 bowls and for women about 40 bowls.

We will show you the only restaurant where you can experience wanko soba in the suburbs of Tokyo by car.
Press "Send Message" to request the date and time you want to go
(We accept reservations form 3 or more people.)

Let's try wanko soba, which you can hardly experience in Japan!

  • 3 H
  • 6Ps
  • Japanese


・Private transportation between Shibuya and the restaurant in Higashi-Hakuraku.
・Guide will help to take photos or videos.
・One drink for free.
・If necessary, an interpreter who can speak Chinese, Korean or English will join.


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We would like to show visitors unique restaurants and shops in Tokyo.
This time, follow us to challenge wanko soba!

Tour Information

Tour Itinerary

- Meet at Shibuya Station, New South Exit (The meeting point might be changed due to traffic condition. The guide will inform you.)
- Please find the Guide Rabbit flag
- Go to the restaurant by car (1-1.5 hours drive)
- Experience wanko soba
- Return to Sibuya Station (1-1.5 hours drive)
- End of the tour

What Will Be Provided

- Wanko soba
- One drink
- Male who eats over 100 bowls, and female who eats over 80 bowls of soba can receive a souvenir.

About This Tour

User Reviews

  • 4 /5

1杯の量が少ないので、100杯ぐらい余裕で行けるかなと思ったけど90杯が限界でした。 店の方が次々と蕎麦を盛ってくるので、あっと言う間にお腹がいっぱいになり終了しましたが楽しめました! 天ぷらがついてて味も美味しいので、ゆっくり味わって食べるのも有りだと思います。

10 25, 2019

  • 4 /5

美味しいお蕎麦と天ぷらが味わえます。 ただ、味わっている暇はありませんよ。次々にお蕎麦が運ばれてきます。 最初余裕で食べていましたが、10分後にもうお腹いっぱいで、、終了。 100杯食べると記念品がもらえるらしいので、次回は体調を整えて挑戦したい! 大食いに自信ある人は挑戦してみては?

09 17, 2019

Tour Details

Participation Requirement(s)

Ages 10 and upuntil 70 years of age

Additional Information

Only accept bookings for 3 or more people.

Meeting Place

Sibuya Station, new south exit
〒1500002 東京都渋谷区渋谷3-27-13
JR Yamanote Line

Reservation Deadline

12 hours before tour start time